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Custom Design

Here at Kara Jewelry, we know jewelry, taste, and personalities are not black and white.  We encourage uniqueness and creativity.  With our team of experts, we will facilitate building that bridge between dream and reality!


Ideas Discussion

In the first step towards creating your one of a kind piece, we will sit together to discuss ideas.  Your ideas can be simple or intricate.  They can be based off elements of jewelry in our store or items you saw on Pinterest.  They can even be a restoration or reimagination of a piece that is dear to you.  The sky is the limit, but this step will help us generate a rough idea.



In this step, your custom piece will be cast in the metal of your choosing.  We offer white, yellow, or rose gold in 10k, 14k, 18k.


Computer Rendering

The rough sketch will be given to our CAD designer who will generate a stunning image and video of what your piece is expected to look like.  Here we are able to discuss the more technical sides of your design and generate a closer estimated cost.  Adjustments can be made easily in this step.

Polygon White 1



Wax and Approval

Once you are satisfied with your computer generated model, we can proceed to print a wax mold replica!  You will then get the opportunity to examine this replica and give your final approval in the design process.


Set and Finish

The final and most exciting step is here!  Any and all stones of your choosing will be set into the cast.  Our experts will polish and perform final inspections by hand prior to being delivered.  And just like that, your vision becomes a unique piece of art!

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