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Le Vian

It is Le Vian’s innovative use of colors that led the company to seek out the under-appreciated brown diamonds and popularize the deep-colored stones as Chocolate Diamonds®. To ensure that jewelry buyers would be certain of getting diamonds of only the highest quality, Le Vian trademarked the Chocolate Diamonds® name. This is just one example of Le Vian bringing jewelry to consumers that no other company has.

TRKU 154.jpg

Chocolate Earrings


YRPN 60.jpg

Chocolate Pendant


BACW 1.jpg

Yellow Diamond Studs


BAEF 2.jpg

Yellow Diamond Pendant


TSGS 5.jpg

Bee Necklace


TSGS 27.jpg

Butterfly Ring


TRPF 39.jpg

Chocolate YG Ring


WJLU 8.jpg

Chocolate WG Ring


TRXJ 28DRG.jpg

Cross Necklace


JECO 21.jpg

Chocolate Hoops


More Available in Store!

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